STLTH 8K – Kiwi Dragon Berry Ice


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Flavour Notes:
Dragon Fruit

Up to 8000 puffs
Liquid and battery indicators
Matte finish (feel and style)
Available in 15 flavours
14 mL of e-Liquid
20 mg/mL
800 mAh Internal battery
5 per carton

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Introducing the STLTH BOX 8K DISPOSABLE – KIWI DRAGON BERRY ICE. This unique flavour blends tangy kiwi, exotic dragon fruit, and mixed berries together with a refreshing icy twist for a truly invigorating vaping experience. Designed for optimal flavour delivery, performance, user convenience, and longevity, this device will provide an elevated disposable vaping experience with no tradeoff between quality and value.

Each STLTH BOX 8K DISPOSABLE is prefilled with 14 mL of e-liquid at a strength of 20 mg/mL to reliably deliver up to 8000 Puffs. The device also has a liquid and battery indicator, so you can easily monitor your usage and charging status.

While compact in size, this device is equipped with a superior 800 mAh internal battery for extended usage time between charges. The rechargeable feature of this device allows for uninterrupted enjoyment of your favourite flavour.

Its exceptional flavour delivery and adjustable airflow capability ensure a satisfying taste experience with every puff. The STLTH BOX 8K DISPOSABLE is available in 15 diverse flavours for your enjoyment.

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